Thursday, November 19, 2015


Our internet continues to be sporadic and I'm having trouble posting.  We leave for Beijing today, but I thought I'd post a bit about our last few days.
Tuesday morning we headed back to the Civil Affairs office to complete all the paperwork and officially make Wren a Peters!
Wren was a lot more relaxed and even smiled for these photos. She looks terrified in the photos for the official documents...can't say I blame her!

We spent Tuesday afternoon meandering through the very "framous" (as our guide says) Green Lake Park.  It is beautiful and relaxing.

Wren got to feed the fish with her Daddy.

Wednesday morning we joined a family from the USA (They also adopted a boy from Wren's orphanage and we had met online before coming here), and headed to Wenshan to visit Tara, (Wren's foster mom) and the orphanage where Wren was living.
The 5+ hour bus drive was long and bumpy, but the view was fantastic! 

The spit buckets...not so beautiful!  Made me want to gag every time someone reached to the depths of their nasal passage to honk out a big greeny!  Lol!
I'm so very thankful that we got to travel with Mary and Cory, and Katie (our personal guide).  Wren was in the same orphanage as both of their boys.  How cool is that?!?!

Wednesday night we visited Tara's home.  It was a wonderful evening of meeting many new people who have an amazing love for this country!
Leaving was hard for Wren.  She cried, but only for a bit.  My mama's heart is so very's almost numb. I'm not sure if that makes any sense at all, but I feel as though my heart and mind can't even begin to process and understand all that is happening.  And then I wonder how Wren can even begin to process it all!  Continued prayers appreciated.  We know He has amazing plans for her!
To Tara and family...thank you once again!  The impact you have had on Wren's live is VERY evident and we will forever be grateful for that!  You made the transition so much easier.  You have helped her understand not only our language, but also our culture.  You prepared her well!

And then this girl...oh my!  She is amazing!  YY was so very shy, but spent the better part of the evening flirting with Martin.  She is so adorable!  Would you all join me in praying her family finds her soon and can travel very soon!  I can only imagine how she feels, seeing her friends leave with their forever families....girly, you've got us praying and I know many, many other people are hang in there! 


Patrick and Christina said...

My heart is leaping with joy as I look at these pictures! Praise the Lord for He is good Always!

I will remember to pray for all of you as you transition. She is so much more aware at 11 yrs. It must be hard for her to leave all that she has known but God has such great things in store for her! What an amazing journey she has begun with you and Martin! Thank you for sharing these moments!

Chantel Klassen said...

I've been checking for updates so often! So glad things are going well, Wren's smile looks so joyful. Continuing to pray for you all!

Chantel Klassen said...
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Anonymous said...

I'm with you; I don't understand why people must do that disgusting sounding spit. I am am not worse off for not doing it so they should be too!