Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Harvest For Kids

We attended the once in a life time, World Record breaker for Guinness World Record Book, of most combines on one field, combining at the same time.  What an incredible sight to see!  Saskatchewan you rock!

 The previous record holder, Winkler, MB held the record with 208 combines.  Saskatchewan literally left that record in the dust with a total of 249 combines on the field. The exact number that completed the harvest and will be counted are yet to be determined.  However, the best guess at the moment is 245 combines!  Over 200 acres of oats were harvested in about 10 minutes!  All the bushels harvested will go directly to feeding kids all over the world and sending kids to camp.  You can check out Harvest for Kids at  The field, seed, fertilizer, equipment, and labor were all donated by various businesses and individuals.  How incredible!

We made sure we arrived early to enjoy all the activities.  Of coarse our kids made a bee line to the horses!

The girls then stopped at the face painting booth.  Raina wasn't too enthusiastic!  Haha!  Too funny!

Alex and Morgun LOVED the remote cars!  I think I watched their expressions more than the cars!  lol

We had intended to stay for lunch, but the line was over 1/2 a km long.  People waited in line for over an hour!  Instead we made a quick dash to Martensville for lunch and made it back with 20 minutes to spare. I was worried we would miss out on the grand finale.  There was no way to know how quickly the long line of traffic would move and fortunately we approached the field from the right direction and made it back in time...others did not.

It was a truly incredible sight to see combines as far as the eye could see, slowly come rumbling towards us.  Wish the pictures did it justice.

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Patrick and Christina said...

That is quite the sight! What an awesome thing to do for kids in need!

Hope they broke the record. Looks like the kids had a great time!