Thursday, September 11, 2014

Beginning of Summer 2014

I'm WAY behind in posting, and have had every intend of catching up...and catch up I will!  We had an unbelievable, crazy summer and finally made ourselves take some time off to regroup and hopefully give my stomach ulcer an opportunity to heal...more on our vacation later.  First I WILL catch up.  :)
For those of you that fell for my facebook post about "adding another gal to our family" she is!
In early May we finally got a dog.  Not just any dog, but a purebred female black lab, that cost a lot of money.  Pepper is incredibly smart and bouncy, but settles down when she gets enough attention.  Alex and Morgun are hoping to eventually sell some pups and earn some cash and learn a bit about small business.

We finished school in the middle of May, before Malia's surgery.  The plan was to have a relaxing summer, while doing some fun, educational things.
First on the list...a wiener roast with smores!

Malia had to settle for a popsicle.  As you can see, her face was still quit swollen at this point and she was still on a mushy food diet.

We went to a local museum.  Raina LOVES horses and still asks for a horse weekly.  She loved the horse statues!

Morgun...the look says it all! lol!

We ended the day by having a late lunch in the museums café.  A very neat experience!

This summer we had many, many extraordinary sunsets.  I'm not sure if we just noticed them more, or if we really did have more of this spectacular view.  I like to think that God knew how difficult our summer was and decided to give us an extra show of His grandeur!


Kathy said...

I love how even when things are difficult you still find ways of making your life fun...sometimes I wish I did more of that instead of just putting my head down and fighting through it.

Marie said...

I think I do that a LOT! I have been making a conscious effort to focus on the good me it's not easy!